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Reading Backlog

December 7th, 2007 · 7 Comments


So uh … I have done a reading column in a while. This is mainly bad, but it has at least one silver lining, which is that the chaff from the past couple months has been removed and I’m bringing you only the finest 50 or so links. Now would be a great time for an excel pie chart of the sources of these links. It would break down something like:

Johnny D: 100%

I’ll try to break them into categories so you can skip the links that don’t interest you, like if you hate science or whatever.


An article about Gawker from the New York magazine. It’s pretty long. No mentions of the gay gym. I’ve notified the author of her oversight, and await her reply.

Do you like the show “Build It Bigger” on the Discovery Channel? It’s a pretty good show, except for the host which, I don’t know who made that decision. Anyhow, here’s some links about big shit that’s cool.

Boat Lifts

Burj Dubai now the world’s tallest buil
ding. If I had to pick one word to describe Dubai, it would be intriguing. Some guys from my work are there to cover the Dubai International Film Festival. They probably would’ve needed a copy editor over there if it weren’t for this ACCURSED Internet!! When will the Internet ever do anything worthwhile?

This probably deserves it’s own post, but the Jo-Tel would like to congratulate our friend Jake Kloberdanz on making the Business Week top 25 entrepreneurs under 25. Seriously. I don’t know how to link right to it but on this link there’s little thumbnail images on the bottom and he’s the one with the wine bottles. So here’s a funny story about Jake. Back when we were in the fraternity, sometimes we used to blindfold pledges before activities and make them do dumb shit like hold plants and yell at them that they better not drop the sacred plant if they knew what was good for them BONG!! Of course the pledges all took this stuff dead serious, but it wasn’t. You see, the plant was in fact NOT sacred in the least!! So one time, Pledge Carlson (Jouseguest) was blindfolded with some other pledges in the Party Triple. Everyone was all serious hissing and yelling and in walks Jake with a pair of skis, which he puts down on the floor. He helps PC onto the skis and hands him a pair of ski poles.

JK (paraphrasing): Sigma Chi is a gentlemen’s fraternity. Are you a gentleman, PC?

PC (paraphrasing): Yes

JK: Well if you’re a gentleman, you should know how to ski, since skiing is a gentlemanly endeavor. Are you a good skier?

PC: Sure.


PC [pretending to ski ... really going for it]: …

That was pretty funny.

Also, here’s Jouseguest K-Did’s store for the cool billfold she makes out of paper. Top 25 entrepreneurs next year. If I carried a billfold, I’d have her make me one out of my $5,464 emergency room bill for the Cal-related finger injury. It was at Cedar-Sinai, the country’s most expensive hospital, at which they just poisoned Dennis Quaid’s twins.

I saw it on a poster once: Japan, Bringing you 80% of the World’s Weird Shit Since 1965

But, to their credit, 60-70% of the cool shit

Lightning Round!!!!!!

super awesome origami
cool brain shit
the driving force behind THE NETWORK
Criterion Collection’s apologia
Science: Spider-Man Suit. Religion: Triceratops in a Saddle.
USA fucking up big time
Best car movie ever made. 8 minutes.
Boy I’m sure glad I read that looong book on string theory

OK. Whew! Seriously, read the brain one.

Extremely dangerous, job-losingly dangerous, links:

Ladies and gentlemen, this link has single-handedly crippled the U.S. economy through loss of work hours. I DARE you not to call over your nearest co-worker.
Open at your own risk.

Still feel like maybe, sure, your boss noticed your coworkers huddled around your desk, discussing brain sides, which pretty much, considering your line of work, cannot be disguised as an type of work-relatedness, But really, he’s probably still cool. So then here.

Okay, so you missed a few filing deadlines, and people in the office are starting to resent the fact that you’re storing several plastic Arrowhead bottles filled with urine under your desk. The bathroom is far, and you’re in the fucking ZONE! My general username is “pate.”

NB: Unsatified with the Boggle resouces on the Web, I’ve taken it upon myself during some recent downtime at work to create a comprehensive Boggle resource. I will post it once it’s completed.

Yeah, bitch.


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  • bmk12000 // Dec 7, 2007 at 1:11 am

    dude, that “cool brain shit” link is crap. the image just keeps switching off—for one period she’s got her left leg swinging, then she has the right leg swinging. focus on it and you can see when they switch it. lame.

  • Brewer // Dec 7, 2007 at 8:59 am

    I remember those ski poles. I had those in my room for a couple of years, along with Darrel’s safari hat and about 4-5 of PETE’s wiffle ball bats.

  • Mike B. // Dec 7, 2007 at 10:32 am

    First rule of the sacred plant: You do not talk about the sacred plant on blog posts.

  • PETE // Dec 7, 2007 at 10:32 am

    BMK I hope you’re kidding. Your brain switches it. To prove my point, just stare at it for a while. You can stare at it for 10 minutes, a hour, and it won’t change “direction” unless you focus. I can make it “switch” at will now pretty much because I’ve spent so much time staring at it. Remember, the secret is that it’s a 2-D image.

  • Mike B. // Dec 7, 2007 at 10:48 am

    I posted about that picture a while back. One good trick is to cover the top half of her body with your hand. That may help it switch.

    Also: have control over your own brain.

    It’s a silhouette: the direction of spin won’t change what you’re seeing.

  • Johnny D // Dec 7, 2007 at 11:00 am

    BMK, they don’t switch it, its the same animation. The thing is, its a silhouette. If you reason it out the silhouette can be turning in both directions, especially if there is no illusion of perspective.

    Envision in your mind that the silhouette is spinning clockwise, if the leg is in front of her, and the model is facing us, then it should be moving from the left to the right. However, imagine if the silhouette is moving counter clockwise, if the model has her back to us, then the leg is also moving from left to right.

    The illusion lies in the fact that our brains recognize the familiar shape, which is really just a series of black blobs changing shape in an organized fashion. Its our minds that determine the directions the model is moving. Therein lies the left brain right brain question: Is the direction we see it initially in any way based on what side of the brain we use most. Because some people see it clockwise, some counter, and some, like me stare at it for twenty minutes with the understanding of what it is and try to force my brain to flip it as a mental workout. Hopefully you followed that.

  • bmk12000 // Dec 7, 2007 at 1:42 pm

    okay. i mean, i understand the idea, just can’t get it to switch at will. seems like when i stop focusing is when it actually switches. maybe i am too right-brained. or it could be all the drugs i am on from this bike accident.

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